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How to produce a TITRIVIN reference material?

Producing a TITRIVIN material : several steps...

Solutions preparation

To ensure the effect 'wine matrix', each TITRIVIN solution is prepared by an exclusive and precise blend of wines.

The analytical parameters are adjusted to target-values, chosen to constitute coherent ranges and well distributed to meet the needs of laboratories.

The solution is stabilized by fining (bentonite, gelatin ...) and  filtrations. The solution is  stabilized against tartaric precipitations during a cold treatment.

SO2 is the only preservative used.

Packaging in bottles or ampoules




The TITRIVIN products are packed in 10 mL ampoules or  240 mL bottles by pharmaceutical laboratories.

Homogeneity study

According to our procedure, the perfect homogeneity of each batch is verified.


A inter-laboratories comparison is organized to define the reference values.

A quarantine laboratories accredited by COFRAC analyze our TITRIVIN according to official methods OIV and with 2 independent repliques by parameter.

Stability study

The stability of our products is checked throughout the life time of a batch.