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In your laboratory, TITRIVIN reference materials are essential.

To calibrate equipment

On a certificate of analysis, you find, for a parameter, a reference value (Vref) with its uncertainty (u). This means the “true” value is between [Vref – u ; Vref + u] called the confidence interval.

Most of the time, you will use the reference value to calibrate.
But to improve your calibration curve, you could use a value within to the confidence interval.

To carry out quality control

In laboratories, there are two types of quality control :

External quality control

The laboratory takes part in inter-laboratory analytical comparisons organised by for example the Oenologues de France or BIPEA…

Internal quality control

The laboratory monitors the quality of their results using a control chart. This control is easily carried out with  TITRIVIN wine standards.

When you use  TITRIVIN to monitor you control chart, your target value, that is to say the average of your results must be within the confidence interval.

To assess uncertainties

This is a direct  use of the quality control with TITRIVIN. When your control chart is in place, you can calculate your reproducibility standard deviation.

Therefore, you can assess your uncertainty from this range of analytical results.